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MCAT believes that Media Education is a vital part of empowering young people. Our kids seek out moving images as the fastest way to learn new things and exercise their imaginations. Kids who are media literate are more prepared to navigate a world dominated by social media and media influencers.

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Our Programs

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Weekly Workshops

MCAT has standard times for free workshops offered every week. The workshops include borrowing equipment, podcasting, video editing, using the tv studio and learning photoshop. If the standard time does not work for you please contact us at or call (406)542-6228 to arrange a different time with one of our media instructors.

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Spring Break camp

MCAT offers a Spring Break Media Camp for kids who want to explore filmmaking from various angles. Activities include story-boarding and scripting, animation, live action and documentary options. This week-long workshops allows participants to chart their own course of exploration working in small groups or even solo on some projects throughout the week. The workshop features a concluding screening party for all participants, parents and caregivers.

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Summer camp

This camp provides kids with opportunities to explore animation using Legos or drawings. Kids can work alone or in groups and learn computer skills, camera techniques and special effects like green screen. MCAT has a wide selection of video play materials including Legos, puppets, dry erase boards, drawing materials and studio lighting. Snacks are provided and each camp will have a screening party on the last day for parents, friends, caregivers, and relatives.

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