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MCAT offers a Winter Break Media Camp for kids who want to explore filmmaking from various angles. Activities include story-boarding and scripting, animation, live action and documentary options. This workshop allows participants to chart their own course of exploration, working in small groups, or solo on some projects during the 3-day workshop. The workshop features a concluding screening party for all participants, parents and caregivers.

MCAT Movie Camp

MCAT Movie Making Camp “Winter Daze”

What: Participants will learn to make short movies, animation clips, live action skits, special video effects and more
Who: Ideal for kids aged 8 to 14.
Where: MCAT Studio at the new Missoula Public Library 455 East Main (southeast corner Level One)
When: December 28 thru December 30 10am to 4pm
cost $100 scholarships available
MCAT Movie Camp
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