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Government Meetings

MCAT provides gavel to gavel recording, archiving and distribution of many city, county and school district public meetings. We feel providing an impartial recording service allows citizens to stay informed and involved with the local governments that have such a strong influence on our community. When a decision is made that affects your interests you can learn what was decided and how it was decided through the miracle of motion pictures.

We are your unbiased gateway to local government full meeting coverage.

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government meetings
Missoula City Council

Missoula City Council Meetings

Mondays – 7pm

all committee

all committee meetings

Wednesdays – 9am to 5pm

MCAT government meetings

County Commissioner Meetings

Every Other Thursday 2 pm

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Missoula County Public Schools

Second and Fourth Tuesdays – 7pm

Bicycle Pedestrian Board

First Tuesdays – 1pm

Bonner-Milltown Community Council

2nd Mondays – 7pm*

City Board of Adjustment

4th Wednesdays – 6pm

Community Forum

4th Thursday – 7pm

County Board of Adjustment

3rd Wednesdays – 7pm*

Design Review Board

2nd Wednesdays – 6pm

Health Board

3rd Thursdays – 12pm*

Historic Preservation

1st Thursday – 6pm

Planning Board

1st and 3rd Tuesdays – 7pm.*

Missoula Redevelopment Agency

3rd Thursdays – 12pm*

Transportation Technical Advisory Committee

1st Thursdays – 10am

Transportation Policy Coordinating Committee

3rd Tuesdays – 1:30pm