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Borrow Equipment

MCAT offers cameras, tripods, lighting and microphones for community producers to check out for free and in exchange community producers provide content for MCAT’s cable channels. The equipment must be used for non-commercial purposes. Please talk to MCAT staff if you are being paid to use our equipment. Community producers must get a Missoula Public Library card and attend an MCAT tour and training prior to using equipment.

The Tour & Training sessions take place every Saturday at 10am or every Monday at 6:45pm. Call us at (406) 542-6228 if this date and time does not fit your schedule and we could find another time for you to get all the information you need to borrow media production equipment.

Available Equipment

    • CANON DSLR T3, T3i and T5 Note these cameras can take still pictures too.
    • CANON Camcorders HF50 and HF11
    • Batteries for these Cameras
    • Tripods various sizes include BENTO and Sachtler
    • Lavalier Microphones
    • Lighting Kits
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