Become a Community producer

Anyone can become an MCAT Community Producer after attending an Basic Training Workshop and learning about the opportunities and basic rules of sharing equipment and facilities here at MCAT.

A computer screen showing a video editing program.
A camera captures a group of people sitting in a courtroom.

MCAT Community Producers get to use our 900 sq ft studio equipped with soundproofing, computer controlled lights, microphones, black out curtains or green screen. You can bring your own set pieces,

Your choice of checkout equipment includes DSLR cameras with inter-changeable lenses or Camcorders with built-in lenses and microphones. Portable light kit, wireless mic set, tripods and reflectors are also available.

Typically check out equipment is loaned for three days, over the weekend or Tuesday through Friday.

If you checkout MCAT equipment you should be making a non-commercial program that can run on one of our cable channels.

A banner for the Missoula Community Media Resource.
A group of people standing in front of a green screen.
Two men holding up a sign that says we love MCAT.