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MCAT welcomes finished productions and media clips to run on our public access tv channels. MCAT programs channels 189 and 190 on the Charter/Spectrum cable television service in Missoula. There are about 10,000 subscribers on the system within The City of Missoula and Missoula County so your media could have a wide audience.

submit a program
submit a program

When time limitations require that choices be made between programs submitted to play on the cable channels, the following priorities would apply when we schedule your program for a time slot.

  1. Locally produced programs/productions by Missoula residents;
  2. Exchanges with other community media centers;
  3. Imported programs with some local production;
  4. Imported programs from outside the Missoula area.

MCAT supports free expression and First Amendment Rights and MCAT wants to give guardians a means of controlling the viewing by children of mature subject matter as well as notifying individual adult viewers of potentially upsetting programming. To strike a balance between free speech and informed viewing MCAT will schedule mature subject matter between the hours of 10:30m and 5am. A standard alert will run at the head of mature subject matter to inform the potential viewers.

To submit you program click on the link to fill out a submission form.

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