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The MCAT facility is open to the general public and free to use. The facility is staffed by a media instructor whenever the library is open. The media instructor can help you get started in the three areas we provide support: studio productions, video editing and podcasting. You can book the use of these resources online once you have learned how to use them by attending an MCAT Introductory Workshop. Please call us at (406)542-6228 to arrange your first training or register on-line.

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Our Facility

The MCAT studio is 28 x 30 feet and features a green screen, black out curtains and a few set pieces. The studio use includes a special effects video switcher for up to four cameras. The switcher also generates titles, lower thirds and virtual sets. There is an audio mixer for boom and lavalier microphones. The lights can be computer controlled and customized. Typical studio usage blocks are for four hours.

MCAT has a podcast room and recording device which can accomodate up to four participants with headsets and microphones. The podcast recorder also has a blue tooth smart phone connection for clear phone interviews.

MCAT has three edit stations featuring Apple Final Cut Pro 10. There is one station for Adobe Premiere. MCAT staff can arrange one-on-one training for novices to learn these programs.

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