Missoula Community Access Television

Providing Missoula residents and organizations with the equipment, training, and distribution to produce media based on their interests and concerns. We offer hands-on media creation experiences.

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About us

MCAT is Missoula’s community media resource. Our mission is to promote the spread of information and exchange of views, ideas, and opinions within the community of Missoula by providing channel time, equipment and training to as many organizations and people as we humanly can.

MCAT records City, County and School District meetings in addition to special events programs and informational clips about local government.

MCAT responds to requests from non-profit civic, political and spiritual groups to record and distribute video recordings of events, presentations, lectures and demonstrations.

MCAT conducts after-school media education programs on weekday and offers weekend media workshops for middle school kids in addition to week long camps during school break and in the summer.

MCAT offers free media training and equipment loans to Missoula citizens, who can shoot, edit and distribute their programs on our two cable channels and social media outlets. If you are interested in making your own tv program or social media clips check out our MCAT creates a programs two message board for government and local nonprofits. These message boards provide vital local information for Missoula.

ways to support us

Make a TV show

MCAT offers a studio with three cameras, title graphics, green screen and computer controlled lighting. Our cable distribution network is connected to over 10,000 households in the Missoula area so your content can go far. Your show could be about your passion, a hobby, making music, spirituality, politics and really whatever you would like to share with the Missoula County Community.

Attend a workshop

MCAT offers our media training classes for free. You can choose to learn about cameras, special effects, studio recording or podcasting. When you learn about how media is created you also learn a lot about decoding and analyzing the messages directed at you everyday.

Donate to our scholarship fund

MCAT offers week-long workshops for kids in the summer. We work with the after-school program Flagship to keep kids learning and thriving in those key hours after-school and before parents have finished work. Your donation can pay for an after-school activity or a week-long adventure in media creation for a Missoula student.

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