Our Staff

Joel Baird, General Manager.

Joel Baird

General Manager

I started at MCAT as a member of the Board of Directors in 1989. I received an MFA from University of Montana and I have received numerous awards and grants for my own art video productions so I know what the ambition of a move-maker feels like. I like visiting and I have interviewed over 700 Missoulians on my talk show, What’s Up Missoula.  I am keen on bringing new people to the MCAT channels. If you have an event or organization you would like to promote call or email me to discuss how MCAT can help you.


Lori Hudak, Programming Director.

Lori Hudak

Programming Director

Lori has worked at MCAT for years, though just how long, she refuses to say for fear of revealing her age. A double major in Zoology and Film Studies, she started her career at MCAT as a producer and now works as the Program Director. Lori’s job is to get your programs on one of MCAT’s two channels for cable viewers and ‘live stream’ via MCAT’s website.


Ron Scholl, Media Assistance Grant Supervisor.

Ron Scholl

Media Assistance Grant Supervisor

Ron Scholl is the Media Assistance Grant (MAG) Supervisor. MAGs are available to any nonprofit on a first-come, first-serve basis. MCAT will provide filming and/or editing of your nonprofit’s event, be it a conference, lecture, concert or a scripted project, such as a promo. In return, we air the final show(s) on MCAT and you are free to use the final movies for your own purposes. What a deal!


Rick Phillips, Government and Art Videographer.

Rick Phillips

Government and Art Videographer

Rick Phillips covers two main areas for MCAT-most of the City of Missoula government meetings including City Council, City Council Committee meetings, TTAC, TTPC, City-County Planning Board and The Bicycle-Pedestrian Board. Rick has covered Missoula City Council for over 20 years. Rick also cover The Missoula Art Scene for MCAT enticing viewers to art shows at The Missoula Art Museum, The Clay Studio, Zootown Arts Community Center, and University of Montana art venues. He holds a MFA from the University of Montana and is a video artist and an accomplished painter.


Scott Ranf, Public Producer Mentor.

Scott Ranf

Public Producer Mentor

Hello my name is Scott Ranf and I’ve lived in Missoula, Montana all my life. I like to give back to the community as much as I can and it seems fitting to become part of the only non-profit that gives guys like me a voice. I started out as a producer at MCAT at age 15 and then went to college at the University of Montana for Broadcast Journalism. Soon after I got a part time job at MCAT which turned into the career I have today. I’m currently Staff, which duties include; Training, Mentoring, Editing, Teaching, Morning Show VJ and Summer Camps.


Neil Wells, Editor.

Neil Wells


Neil Wells has been involved with MCAT for over a decade and is proficient in computer video editing, virtual reality and studio lighting.